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The South Coast NRM Strategic Plan 2023 – 2030 is a bold declaration of commitment to preserving and enhancing the natural and cultural assets of the South Coast region. It is a vision that balances conservation with responsible land use, community engagement, and the long-term health of our environment. The success of our strategic plan hinges on the active involvement of community. We will foster strong partnerships with local communities, Indigenous groups, and stakeholders, recognising that sustainable natural resource management is a collective effort.

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Through education, awareness, and collaborative projects, we aim to empower our communities to take an active role in protecting our shared environment.

South Coast NRM acknowledges and honours the deep cultural connections that Indigenous communities have with the South Coast region’s lands and waters. Our strategic plan includes a commitment to working in partnership with Indigenous groups, respecting traditional knowledge, and recognising the vital role Indigenous peoples play in natural resource management.

The South Coast NRM Strategic Plan was launched in August 2023. 


South Coast NRM is developing the first comprehensive regional natural capital account in Western Australia, focused on First Nations cultural values, agricultural industry and community leadership. 

The public benefit of this project will be significant as it will remove a key barrier to South Coast regional communities and businesses accessing and securing support from emerging natural capital frameworks and decision-making tools, including private financing opportunities.

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All project methods and implementation processes developed through this account will be fully transparent, enabling rapid and cost-effective replication across WA. 

A blended finance model will be used to fund this project, with public funding sought to develop the regional natural capital account itself along with targeted community engagement. Formulating this account will crowd in private/ impact capital to fund a suite of projects across the region to achieve ecological restoration, sustainable land use and related commercial development outcomes at scale.

After 12 months of consultation and research work across the region, Australia, and globally we are pleased to share this Project Information Note. Please get in touch if you would like to know more or be involved in this transformational project.

indigenous participation 

Effective regional natural resource management demands leadership and active participation from Indigenous Australians. Colonisation across Australia has not extinguished traditional knowledge and Indigenous communities have shown incredible resilience in adapting. This deep resilience, knowledge, and connection to Country of Indigenous peoples is fundamental in providing a basis from which we can partner to improve the health of the South Coast region’s people, land and waters.

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Our Indigenous Participation Plan builds on the commitment outlined in our Strategic Plan, to work in partnership with Indigenous groups, respecting traditional knowledge, and recognising the vital role Indigenous peoples play in natural resource management. Version 1 of the plan was launched in March 2023.


Creating community connections through environmental volunteering requires good management of volunteers. South Cost NRM has developed a Volunteer Management Handbook to provide guidance to South Coast NRM staff for when they engage volunteers in their projects. It is designed to ensure staff have clarity and understanding on the responsibilities they have to the volunteers they engage, they understand what they can expect volunteers to do, they know where to go to find clarification and that overall, there is a consistent approach across the organisation when working with volunteers. 

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If you manage volunteers you can refer to this handbook as a guide to creating your own. For more information, you can access the Volunteering WA Volunteer Management Handbook


South Coast NRM’s vision is for thriving and diverse communities where nature is valued, protected and restored. South Coast NRM is committed to ensuring the region enjoys sustainable resources, unpolluted water and air, healthy soils, and unspoiled coastal and marine environments in an area rich in biodiversity and cultural heritage. As a registered, incorporated body, South Coast NRM releases annual reports to demonstrate operational successes and financial management throughout the year.

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Our Annual Reports highlight our key achievements, actions and financial position. You can downloaded our latest financial statement here.

Previous reports can be accessed by contacting our office.

regional drought resilience

Drought resilience is a key issue for many regional communities throughout Australia. This report summarises the key concerns arising from community consultation carried out for the inland Great Southern Regional Drought Resilience Plan.

The consultation process was carried out between February – May 2022.

stokes inlet water quality

Stokes Inlet is an important ecological feature in Esperance’s landscape, a region characterised by its rare and unmatched biodiversity and scenic landscapes. Nestled within the Stokes National Park, the inlet has immense social, ecological, cultural, and economic value. Periodic sampling of the inlet since the 1970’s shows extreme nutrient enrichment of the catchment, hyper salinity, and a dominance of phytoplankton, growing with the expansion of agricultural activity in the region.

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South Coast Natural Resource Management (NRM) conducted water quality sampling at Stokes Inlet between June 2020 and April 2021. This data and report contribute to sampling of the inlet by the Department of Water and Environmental Regulation (DWER) that had been conducted from the 1970s to 2010. Results from the 2020 – 2021 sampling period indicate the system remains a hypersaline and nutrient enriched environment since the mid-seventies.


For the past five years, South Coast NRM, together with several delivery partners and land managers across the South Coast region, has worked to deliver nine landscape scale projects. Supported by the Australian Government through the National Landcare Programme and Future Drought Fund, these projects have contributed significantly to the aspirations of Southern Prospects, the South Coast Regional Strategy for Natural Resource Management.

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Upon completion of the program, project reporting data was used to create a snapshot of project achievements towards Southern Prospects aspirations. For additional information on delivering Southern Prospects, head to our webpage.


The Noongar people have been the traditional land-owners of Western Australia’s south-west for more than 45,000 years. Their knowledge and deep cultural respect for the land or boodja, has been passed on by tribal Elders for countless generations. Noongars continue to demonstrate a strong connection to country, by respecting, caring and protecting the land through traditional sustainable practices.

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The South Coast region Cultural Heritage Field Guide includes information on traditional tribal boundaries, the six Noongar seasons and how they were used for food sources, Noongar family totems, bush tucker, Noongar language and critically endangered fauna and flora.

The Guide is published under two themes; Cultural Heritage – which assists with the identification of past Aboriginal occupation, and Caring for Country – which deals with the sustainable management of the land by Noongars.


The South Coast Snapshot is a situation report on the state and trends of natural resource management across the South Coast Natural Resource Management region, as at June 2016. The report serves as a baseline for trends in natural resource management, and assists in understanding the present state of the environment, identifying gaps in knowledge and assisting to determine priorities for efficient use of limited funding.

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The South Coast Snapshot is an important supporting document for Southern Prospects – the South Coast Regional Strategy for Natural Resource Management. For more details on Southern Prospects, head to our webpage.