From the desk of Jimena, South Coast Enviro-Experiences Project Officer.  

Once again, an amazing group of 45 home schoolers and parents gathered at 11 Mile Beach in Esperance for their second edition of Ocean School. Whales were this weeks subject of study, to mark the halfway point of their breeding season. You can read about our first Ocean School session here.  
Having the beautiful ocean as a background and the sand as their notebook, the kids listened carefully to the many tales about whales, including some facts about the two most common species that frequent our coastal waters.

The enthusiastic group followed the session by creating some amazing whale sand sculptures and pointing out their body parts, and practicing some writing on the sand. This is a way of showing that no matter their age group, they all can develop and practice different skills through the same lesson. The beach school was followed by a voluntary beach cleanup, luckily not finding much plastic this time ensuring our marine life have a healthy environment. 

This event was one of the many South Coast Enviro – Experiences, supported by Lotterywest. If you would like to volunteer with us and be part of future environmental events, register on our volunteer platform and you will be matched to opportunities along the South Coast that meet your interests and availability, there is something for everyone!  

For more information or help with the platform please contact Jimena in Esperance and surrounds (e) (m) 0437 440 237 and in Albany contact Catherine (e) (m) 0421 437 525.