Our team

Senior Management

  • Justin Bellanger
    Chief Executive Officer

    Office: 9845 8537
    Email: ceo@southcoastnrm.com.au

    I have worked with South Coast NRM since June 2007 and have been Operations Manager for the past five years.

    Whilst with the organisation, I have also filled the roles of regional water facilitator, area leader west, area leader east and invasive species coordinator.

    My focus is on developing and refining the organisation’s teams and the processes needed to achieve the strategic planning, program development, fund acquisition and project management requirements essential for South Coast NRM to meet the aspirations, goals and outcomes set out in its regional strategy – Southern Prospects 2019 – 2024.

    I supervise a core operations team comprising of three program leaders who manage our Land, Water, Biodiversity, Coastal and Marine, Regional Capacity and Cultural Heritage themes.

    I also oversee a broader operations team comprising project officers based in Albany and Esperance.

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  • Joanne Headlam
    Chief Financial Officer

    Office: 9845 8537
    Email: joanneh@southcoastnrm.com.au

    I was appointed business services manager at South Coast NRM in November 2012.

    I come from a corporate accounting/business management background, but really enjoy the diversity that comes with working in natural resource management.

    My focus at South Coast NRM is to provide leadership and advice regarding financial management and provide staff with the information needed to meet the organisation’s strategic objectives.

    I also oversee the Financial Administrator, the Contracts Management Officer and the Corporate Support Officer.

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Healthy Environments team

  • Brett Dal Pozzo
    Program Manager – Healthy Environments

    Office: 98458516
    Mobile: 0458 401 422
    Email: brettd@southcoastnrm.com.au

    My role is to oversee the biodiversity program for South Coast NRM, which includes developing new projects for the region, seeking investment for the biodiversity theme and managing existing projects.

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  • Hannah Bannister
    Regional Ecologist

    Office: 9845 8537

    Mobile: 0427 478 882
    Email: hannahb@southcoastnrm.com.au


  • Mia Hunt
    Dieback Project Officer

    Office: 9845 8537

    Email: miah@southcoastnrm.com.au

  • Robyn Cail
    Project Officer – Coastal Corridor, RAMSAR and Stokes Project

    Office: 9076 2200
    Mobile: 0428 717 685
    Email: robync@southcoastnrm.com.au

Sustainable Communities Team

  • Karen Herilhy
    Program Manager- Sustainable Communities

    Office: 9845 8509
    Mobile: 0447 928 458
    Email: karenh@southcoastnrm.com.au

    My role  is to oversee the Sustainable Communities Program for South Coast NRM, which includes developing new projects for the region, seeking investment and managing existing projects to deliver on the regional capacity and cultural heritage outcomes.

    As part of the cultural team, I enjoy working with the Aboriginal community to care and reconnect to country plus educating the wider community about the importance of cultural heritage on our beautiful south coast region.

    I have been working at South Coast NRM since November 2009 and prior to July 2015 I was the program leader for both Cultural Heritage and Regional Capacity themes.

    I have a background in both Environmental Science and Education. Prior to joining the team at South Coast NRM I worked for the Department of Water supporting community involvement and education in waterways protection, consulted in facilitation and coordinating cultural awareness and taught in primary schools across the state for 10 years.

    I am very passionate about involving and educating our community in sustainability and cultural heritage.

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  • Peter Twigg
    Project Officer – Cultural Heritage

    Office: 9845 8515
    Mobile: 0428 928 535
    Email: petert@southcoastnrm.com.au

Land  and Water Team

  • Dave Broadhurst
    Program Manager – Land and Water

    Office: 9845 8529
    Mobile: 0428 928 532
    Email: davidb@southcoastnrm.com.au

    David joined South Coast NRM in 2008 and works out of the Albany office.

    David enjoys the interaction with the community and other NRM professionals. His interests include sustainable agriculture, community service (Albany Apex Club), bush walking, a good local wine and travelling.

    David’s efforts have been recognised in recent years. In 2011 he won the West Australian Landcare Awards Australian Government Local Landcare Facilitator and was a finalist at the same awards in 2012. Before working for South Coast NRM, David was employed for three years as the Oyster Harbour Catchment Group’s NRM officer.

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  • Natalie Reeves
    Project Officer – Yakamia Creek Project

    Office: 9845 8544

    Email: natalier@southcoastnrm.com.au

    Working days: Wednesday

  • Letisha Newman
    Regional Agricultural Landcare Facilitator – Albany office

    Office: 9845 8508
    Email: letishan@southcoastnrm.com.au

    Working days: Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday

  • Kylie Fletcher
    Regional Agricultural Landcare Facilitator – Esperance office

    Office: 9076 2200
    Mobile: 0448 896 836
    Email: kylief@southcoastnrm.com.au

    Working days: Monday and Tuesday

  • Claudia Magana

    Project Officer – Esperance

    Office: 9076 2200
    Mobile: 0457 458 000
    Email: claudia m@southcoastnrm.com.au


  • Delsa Mack
    Financial Administrator

    Office: 9845 8522
    Email: delsam@southcoastnrm.com.au

    Working days: Tuesday to Thursday

Contracts, Monitoring, Evaluation and GIS

  • Barb Henderson
    Contracts Management Officer

    Office: 9845 8518
    Email: barbh@southcoastnrm.com.au

    Working days: Monday to Wednesday

    I started working at South Coast NRM in June 2009 initially as administration officer, providing support to the both the contracts team and the admin/finance team.
    After about 18 months my role changed to contracts management officer and my position now sits within the Business Services team.
    I oversee the running of the contracts office which includes preparing new contracts and variations, coordinating reporting, managing contract closures and assisting with procurement. Human Resources administration is also an important part of my role as well as providing general support to our team.
    Throughout the time I have been working at South Coast NRM, I have learnt a lot in regards to environmental issues and threats, but the highlight for me is working as part of a team of passionate people striving to protect our environment for the benefit of future generations.

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  • Ray Chilton
    Monitoring and Evaluation Coordinator

    Office: 9845 8512
    Email: rayc@southcoastnrm.com.au