welcome to the team Victoria.

In alignment with our purpose ‘To inspire and empower people to care for nature for the benefit of future generations and for nature itself’ in our region, South Coast NRM is pleased to announce the addition of Victoria Bennett to our team. Victoria, a local farmer and agricultural industry consultant, has taken up the role of Sustainable Agricultural Facilitator.

Johanna Tomlinson, Executive Manager Operations at South Coast NRM, expresses her excitement. “We are thrilled to welcome Victoria to the team. With her background as a local farmer and extensive experience in the sector, Victoria brings a firsthand, working understanding and focus that will greatly benefit the region as we collaborate with our partners and farmers to support and enhance sustainable agriculture.”

Victoria has wasted no time in getting started. “I am deeply passionate about the agricultural industry” she shares. “I am motivated by the prospect of improving production methods and caring for our land for the benefit of future generations. I want them to experience the same joy in farming that I do.” Victoria also acknowledges and applauds the significant strides that farmers have continuously made to develop profitable systems, supplying food and fibre to the world while adopting practices to ensure the longevity of these farming systems. “I am eager to contribute to future efforts, particularly through collaboration with our grower and catchment partners in the years ahead” she adds. “I view my role as a conduit of information and as someone dedicated to fostering connections and collaboration to further production growth that supports climate-smart, sustainable farming practices.”

You can get in touch with Victoria on (m): 0428 171 285 (e): victoria@southcoastnrm.com.au

The Sustainable Agricultural Facilitator role is supported by the Australian Governments through the Natural Heritage Trust.