news from the south coast enviro-experiences team.


Wow! What an incredible turnout to the South Coast Enviro-Experiences Quiz Night recently held to celebrate enviro volunteering.

Thank you to everyone who came out to support and raise awareness for our natural environment. Your passion for environmental conservation is truly inspiring and helped many to answer some of the tricky quiz questions.

A huge thank you to our host, Jon Doust, for making the event a great success with his humour and knowledge of the local Menang words, to all the young volunteers running around collecting answers and to the following businesses that donated some amazing prizes for everyone who attended:

Rebecca Stephens Member for Albany, The City of Albany, Albany Eco House, Oranje Tractor Wine, Bunnings Albany, Dylans Cafe, Hazbeanz Finestkind Coffee, Frederick’s Cafe, Handasyde’s Strawberry Farm, Bay Merchants CafeShot, Callers Espresso Bar

Let’s continue to spread awareness about our local environment and together we can make a difference and protect our precious ecosystems.

If you’re interested in learning more about your local environmental volunteering opportunities, head to the South Coast Enviro Experiences platform by clicking here then download the MyImpact App and you’ll have access to a whole range of amazing environmental groups and their opportunities.

The South Coast Enviro-Experiences project is supported by Lotterywest.