From the desk of Luke, Chief Executive Officer. 

South Coast NRM and the regional South Coast community are proud to be part of the Net Zero Policy Forum; a voluntary international collaboration that sits under the Under2 Coalition.

As part of this forum, a compendium of case studies from across Australia was launched at COP28 in Dubai last week. In the compendium, the WA Government and South Coast NRM share details on the first ever Western Australian, regional scale natural capital account development. South Coast NRM is initiating WA inaugural regional Natural Capital Account (NCA) and cultural accounts. South Coast NRM is committed to empowering First Nations organisations and regional community to lead this initiative, with an eye towards scalability across Western Australia.

This project will position Western Australia at the forefront of a globally important, once in a generation, economic transformation in the way that society values, uses, and reports upon nature.

In undertaking this project, the South Coast region and WA will secure a significant early-mover advantage, which will have the effect of:

• Crowding in capital investment by fund managers who are actively seeking natural capital opportunities
• Showcasing WA’s reputation for high-integrity and economically robust land use
• Contributing to the long-term protection of critically important and severely threatened species and ecosystems along with First Nations cultural priorities

We encourage you to download a copy of the compendium and find out more.