From the desk of Catherine, South Coast Enviro-Experiences. 

Students from Great Southern Grammar took a break from their studies this month and became a team of eco-warriors, participating in two events that made a positive impact to our beautiful environment. 

South Coast Enviro-Experiences Project Officer, Catherine, delivered a beach investigators activity for the students down at Ellen Cove. Armed with gloves and buckets, our young environmental enthusiasts tackled plastic pollution head-on! They managed to collect lots of rubbish, making waves towards a cleaner and plastic-free coastline. 

At their next event, they got to be weeding warriors, pulling out invasive plants alongside the team of City of Albany Community Bushcarers at their regular fortnightly busy bee. Starting at Booyiup Reserve, the students were so enthusiastic about clearing weeds to ensure the native flora thrives, that they carried on weeding at Yakamia Creek. 

The students learned that environmental volunteering is a great way to learn how plastic pollution and invasive weeds are major environmental threats that have significant impacts on ecosystems and biodiversity, and is also a great way to have fun, connecting with their local community and being part of something positive. 

If you would like to get involved and become an eco-warrior, here’s how you can find out more. Jump onto the South Coast Enviro-Experiences volunteer web platform and sign up to get access to some amazing environmental volunteering activities across the South Coast. 

You can find out more about the South Coast Enviro-Experiences project on our webpage.

The South Coast Enviro-Experiences project is supported by Lotterywest.