from the desk of catherine, south coast enviro-experiences.

What an amazing achievement! Thirty three volunteers participated in the collaborative Save Our Snake-Necked Turtle and City of Albany Turtle Tracking project to help protect turtles and their nests, and their hard work has been extremely rewarding! 

Fortified with knowledge on how to record turtle nest observations on the TurtleSAT app and armed with materials to protect the nests from predators such as ravens and magpies, the trackers have successfully protected more than 150 nests and over 300 turtles around the Albany Golf Course and Lake Tjuirtgellong (Lake Seppings) area. Collectively, the Save Our Snake-Necked Turtle volunteers have saved over 1,500 turtles and 945 nests across Perth and the regions.   

The Turtle Tracker volunteers met on Sunday afternoon down at Lake Tjuirtgellong for the project windup to share their turtle tracking stories and provide valuable feedback for future research.  While enjoying afternoon tea and coffee, provided by Chris and his Quick Shot coffee van, the volunteers received recognition and a gift from the City of Albany for all their hard work. 

The Turtle Tracker project in Albany has been promoted through the South Coast Enviro Experiences web platform, with 33 volunteers signed up and a whopping 488 volunteer hours recorded during the October to December nesting season.  This project has been an excellent activity for volunteers to enjoy the outdoors, meet new friends and work together as a team to successfully save turtles.   

The South Coast Enviro Experiences team would like to thank the volunteers for participating in this amazing project and we are looking forward to seeing everyone on future volunteering enviro opportunities. 

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