From the desk of Jimena, South Coast Enviro-Experiences. 

Recently, twenty eager participants gathered at the Noel White Centre to learn about the amazing beach nesting birds that we are lucky to have on our southern coastline. Lisa Nicholson from Birdlife Australia led an insightful and inspiring workshop, diving deep into the world of these fantastic birds and their unfortunate threats. We not only learnt about beach nesting birds species, their behaviour and habitat; but also, bird-friendly practices and tips on conservation efforts to protect these beautiful species as we approach their nesting season. 

Following the workshop, the attendees embarked on an exciting bird-watching walk on the beach to locate possible nesting areas and identify our local threats and then to try set up an action plan, to monitor and protect their nests. It was a fantastic and informative day.

If you would like to get involved in surveying resident and visiting shorebirds email or if you want to find out about other environmental projects, simply register your interest via the South Coast Enviro-Experiences volunteer web platform and you will be notified of opportunities that match your interests and availability, there is something for everyone!  

A huge thank you to Lisa Nicholson and Birdlife Australia for sharing their expertise and passion with us. Let’s continue to spread awareness and take action to ensure the well-being of our Beach Nesting Birds.