from the desk of catherine, south coast enviro-experiences.


Tjuirtgellong/ Lake Seppings provided the ideal location for the Conservation Council of WA and the South Coast Enviro Experiences team to take a passionate group of citizen scientists to participate in the Dusk Watch monitoring program. It is designed to be flexible to fit in with people’s busy schedules and doesn’t require too much training or experience to take part. Even kids can get involved 

The objective of Dusk Watch is to establish a monitoring program used to identify population and environmental changes over the long term with a focus on thirteen species. On Wednesday night the group of volunteer citizen scientists spotted a number of different frogs and the echo locator picked up bat sonars. This data was then entered into the iNaturalist app for scientists to include in the Dusk Watch monitoring program which runs during the months September to November. 

Want to know more about the Dusk Watch program? Simply register your interest via the South Coast Enviro-Experiences platform, download the iNaturalist App and email 

If you have any questions please contact Catherine, South Coast Enviro-Experiences Project Officer (e)

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