From the desk of Jimena, South Coast Enviro-Experiences Project Officer. 

The South Coast Enviro Experiences team had an incredible week at the Esperance Wildflower Festival. We’re still basking in the afterglow of this year’s event and wanted to extend our heartfelt thanks to everyone who helped organise the show and joined us in celebrating the beauty of our local wildflowers. 

From the stunning wildflower displays, the incredible art work creations and photographs, to the interesting workshops, the South Coast Enviro-Experiences team hope you all left with a deeper appreciation for the incredible biodiversity that surrounds us. A special shoutout to our local artisans and craft vendors who added a touch of creativity to the festival, as well as the amazing food vendors who kept our energy up with their delicious offerings. 

But what truly made the festival unforgettable was the sense of community and the shared passion for nature that filled the air. We loved seeing your smiles, hearing your stories, and witnessing the connections made during this event. 

To all the families and schools who brought their kids for the activities, thank you for making it a family-friendly affair. We hope the little ones left with newfound curiosity about the natural world around them. 

If you want to make community connections through environmental volunteering join our online volunteer platform by clicking this link and you will be able to see all the environmental opportunities that match your interests and availability, there is something for everyone!  

The South Coast Enviro-Experiences project is supported by Lotterywest. 

For more information or help with the platform please contact Jimena in Esperance and surrounds (e) (m) 0437 440 237 and in Albany contact Catherine (e) (m) 0421 437 525. 

Thank you again for being a part of this blooming success! Until next time, nature lovers!