From the desk of Jimena, Project Officer South Coast Enviro-Experiences.  

An enthusiastic group of 29 home-schooled kids and their parents recently joined the Shire of Esperance and Enviro Experiences Project Officer, Jimena, for a very successful tree planting event. After the bush fire in May that affected an extension of 180 hectares of coastline, the sand dunes were at risk of erosion, including one of the area’s most iconic landscapes, Twilight Beach.

It would take up to 10 years for the dunes to return to their pre – fire vegetation levels, so revegetation efforts help to expedite this natural process. It’s a small way to give back to our environment, with a huge reward.  

Hundreds of endemic species seedlings were planted, including thick leaved fan – flower (Scaevola crassifolia), rigid wattle (Acacia cochlearis), scarlet runner (Kennedia prostrata), berry saltbush (Rhagodia baccata), coastal wattle (Acacia cyclops), coast saltbush (Atriplex isatidea) and coastal rosemary (Westringia dampieri). Planting was concentrated along the coastal walk trail, recreating the natural biodiversity of the ecosystem and helping to stabilize the dunes. Now it is up to everyone to protect these efforts by staying off the dunes to minimise erosion.

This event was part of the South Coast Enviro–Experiences project, supported by Lotterywest. If you would like to volunteer with us and be part of future environmental events, register on our volunteer platform and you will be notified of opportunities along the South Coast that match your interests and availability, there is something for everyone!

For more information or help with the platform please contact Jimena in Esperance and surrounds (e) (m) 0437 440 237 and in Albany contact Catherine (e) (m) 0421 437 525.