On February 2, we celebrated #WorldWetlandsDay2023! ?

An annual event, World Wetlands Day is celebrated to raise global awareness about the important role of wetlands for people and our planet and to call for action in support of their conservation and sustainable development. 

This year’s theme for #WorldWetlandsDay “It’s Time for Wetland Restoration” is highlighting the need for conservation and sustainable use of wetlands for humans and planetary health.

To date, nearly 90 percent of the world’s wetlands have been degraded or lost. We are losing wetlands three times faster than forests. There is an urgency to raise global awareness on wetlands to arrest and reverse their rapid loss and encourage actions to restore and conserve these vital ecosystems.

The Lake Warden and Lake Gore wetland systems near Esperance are included in the list of nearly 70 Ramsar listed Australian wetland systems, recognised for their importance in conserving biological diversity. But the wetlands are not just environmentally significant, they also have value to people in terms of recreation, with canoeing, water skiing and bird watching among activities enjoyed by people in the region.

Let’s work together to preserve and protect these precious resources. Now is the time to act, restore, and save our wetlands!

To find out more about our Ramsar wetlands, contact Claudia (p) 9076 2200 (e) claudiam@southcoastnrm.com.au or to get involved in environmental volunteering, contact Catherine in Albany (p) 0421 437 525 (e) catherinej@southcoastnrm.com.au or Jimena in Esperance (p) 0474 442 683 (e) (e) jimenarm@southcoastnrm.com.au