Registrations are now open for the 2023 Great Cocky Count!

Join us at sunset on Sunday, 2nd April to count our iconic black cockatoos as they fly into their evening roost sites across the southwest.

The Great Cocky Count is a long-term citizen science survey and the biggest single survey for black cockatoos in Western Australia. The data collected provides BirdLife Western Australia with a snapshot of black cockatoo populations and how they’re changing over time, which helps us better understand how we can protect critical habitat.

To register for the count, head to:

In preparation for 2023’s Great Cocky Count, South Coast NRM and Birdlife WA are hosting a series of workshops, click on the location for more information:

Albany 25th February

Hopetoun 26th February

Esperance 27th February

During these workshops you will learn about black cockatoo biology, ecology, behaviour and threats. Most importantly, you will learn how the Great Cocky Count works and what to record during the survey.

Merryn Pryor, Great Cocky Count Coordinator (BirdLife Australia), will be presenting these workshops, alongside Ines Pereda, Birds on Farms Project Coordinator (BirdLife Australia). At the Albany workshop you will hear project updates from Sandra Gilfillan, South Coast NRM Black Cockatoo Project Officer.

If you know of a night-time roost site for white-tailed and/or red-tailed black-cockatoos which is occupied in Autumn, Birdlife Australia wants to hear from you! Contact:

For more details about South Coast Enviro Experiences and how you can get involved in volunteering, contact Catherine in Albany (p) 0421 437 525 (e) or Jimena in Esperance (p) 0437 440 237 (e)