Our Regional Ecologist, Bronte Van Helden and Healthy Environment’s Project Officer, Justin Benson, have just undertaken a second year of flora monitoring for the National Monitoring, Evaluation and Research Network (MER network). The team worked at Lake Pleasant View Nature Reserve and Waychinicup National Park to collect information on species diversity, plant cover, seedling recruitment and plant resprouting.

After 8 days, 14 plots, 14 resprouting assessments, 24 tree basal area surveys, 42 seedling recruitment assessments, 2912 point-intercept surveys and roughly 230 plant identifications the work was completed in November!

The data gathered will be combined with a national dataset to help understand bushfire recovery and the effectiveness of post-fire weeding.

The project was supported by the Australian Terrestrial Ecosystem Research Network and CSIRO, who gave amazing support and advice throughout the project. The work was funded by the Australian Government’s National Landcare Program.