Recently, South Coast NRM hosted an engaging Cultural awareness workshop as part of a newly funded project focusing on the recovery of threatened flora in the Stirling Range. The workshop was delivered by Gnowangerup Aboriginal Corporation (GAC) chair, Robbie Miniter, who was joined by staff from the Department of Biodiversity, Conservation and Attractions (DBCA) and South Coast NRM.

Workshop attendees weren’t just treated to spectacular weather, they were treated to a visit at an important Goreng Noongar Cultural site. Robbie discussed the cultural history of the site and shared traditional stories that reflect the intimate connection to Country that Noongar people have for the Stirling Range and surrounding landscape.

The exciting 14-month project focuses on the recovery of three threatened plants found only atop a handful of peaks in the Stirling Range. In delivering the project, GAC rangers will be assisting DBCA with on-ground recovery actions for these species. The Cultural awareness workshop was a fabulous opportunity for everyone to come together, gain a deeper appreciation for the Stirling Range, and to discuss opportunities for working together.

We look forward to the next update of this fabulous project, supported by the Australian Government through the Environment Restoration Fund Threatened Species Strategy Action Plan – Priority Species Grant program.Luke’s initial focus will be on learning how South Coast NRM works, and meeting with local catchment groups, farmers, traditional owners, and other regional stakeholders from Esperance to Walpole.