On the 5th of December each year, around the globe, we take a moment to celebrate the lifeforce where food begins, our soils.

World Soils Day is a chance to rejoice in the incredible services that soils provide for our planet, from putting food on our tables, to taking carbon out of our atmosphere. It also serves to remind us of all of the importance of soil health, and the sustainable management of our soil resources, for the future. 

This #WorldSoilsDay, our Regional Agricultural Landcare Facilitators (RALFs), Sophie and Letisha, are joining growers, researchers and advisors at the World Soil Day WA event, presented by Soils West and Soil Science Australia, to explore the deep roots of First Nations Knowledge, landscape perspectives of soil function, circular economies and healthy soils for healthy food. 

While our RALFs are out learning about the soils of the future, South Coast NRM  recognises the soils of today, and the dedication and passion of our growers and communities who work hard to achieve healthy soils across the South Coast. We’re excited to continue to work with a region that recognises the integral role of soils, to expand our knowledge, innovate new ways to look after our soils, and foster soil stewardship for the next generation.