Three threatened plants restricted to a few mountain tops in the iconic Stirling Range National Park are set to receive additional protection and recovery assistance from the impacts of bushfires. Banksia montana (Stirling Range Dryandra), Andersonia axilliflora (Giant Andersonia) and Persoonia micranthera (Small-flowered Snottygobble) are endangered species endemic to the Stirling Ranges.

With support from the Department of Biodiversity, Conservation and Attractions and the Gnowangerup Aboriginal Corporation, South Coast NRM has secured funding through the Australian Government’s Environmental Restoration Fund, Priority Species Grants, which will help ensure the long-term survivorship of these rare plant populations.

Key actions to protect these plants include reducing the threat of Phytophthora dieback, fencing and rabbit control to reduce herbivory, and collection and propagation of seed for planting at two sites outside of the Stirling Range. The project will also monitor quokka populations to assess whether they present a risk to these plant species through grazing.

IMAGE. Banksia montana (Stirling Range Dryandra) CREDIT: Sarah Barrett, Department Biodiversity, Conservation and Attractions.