On 6th May 2022 and with perfect autumn conditions, Noongar Elders and family members of the Albany Heritage Reference Group Aboriginal Corporation conducted a cool burn, on Country at Ballogup. The burn was to prepare the ground for native revegetation which will take place in winter.

Elders enabled the patchwork burning of a small area using several small fires, while keeping a watchful eye on the weather situation to ensure the fire was managed and in control at all times.

More significantly was the comment by Elders and those taking part, that traditional burning has not been practised on Noongar managed land, by Noongar people, for such a long time!

This successful cool burn was made possible only by cooperation with, and leadership provided by the Noongar community. All present hope that this method of cool burning can be used more widely by land managers in the future.

All parties acknowledge the funding support from Lotterywest.

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