Noongar Kaartdijin is a knowledge program hosted by @SouthCoastNRM, bringing Noongar cultural educators and ecological awareness to students and teachers in the Lower Great Southern. Recently, over fifty primary school educators were enthralled by a Cultural Awareness workshop and tour delivered by Vernice Gillies and Larry Blight from @kurrahmia, Albany. The Cultural Awareness workshop was part of the Noongar Kaartdijin (knowledge) program supported by @StateNRM and @CommonwealthBank. 

Vernice Gillies shared some remarkable family and personal stories, rewarding workshop participants with a rich understanding of Indigenous culture and history, as well as insight to the impacts of Australian legislation on First Nations people over time. Highlights from Vernice’s presentation included holistic approaches in communication with Noongar people and contemporary issues facing Indigenous young people.  

To conclude the workshop, Larry and Vernice hosted participants on-country with a visit to two significant Aboriginal sites – Oyster Harbour fish traps and Yoorl Park in Lower King – sharing their awareness of Indigenous meeting places, heritage and engineering skills. Evidence and artifacts show that First Nations people have been travelling hundreds of kilometres to meet at these sites for more than 12,000 years. These areas are being protected by the local Noongar community working with the City of Albany, schools and local people. Participants learnt the importance of leaving the areas undisturbed and not removing valuable and irreplaceable objects from significant sites.      

The Noongar Kaartdijin program will continue to bring a series of excursions and incursions with Noongar cultural educators to students and teachers in the Lower Great Southern.  For more information or to register your interest, please contact Natalie Reeves, Noongar Kaartdijin Project Officer on (e) or (p) 9845 8537