To South Coast NRM Partners, Members and Supporters


Staff availability

South Coast NRM offered the opportunity for staff to transition to work-from-home arrangements this week in a staggered approach focusing first on parents with school aged children and those in childcare. In response all our staff have elected to work from home. We will be reviewing the situation with COVID-19 on a weekly basis, but I suspect that this arrangement will be in place for the foreseeable future.

You can still contact our staff in several ways. Our landline phones have been re-directed to mobile devices and computers, so you can call through on the normal number as per the attached phone list. Mobile phone and email access are the same as normal. Our staff also have access to Microsoft Teams (in MS365), zoom and skype and these can be used to video conference if you need some facetime.

Some essential field work is continuing, consistent with social distancing and hygiene requirements. This includes working with other project partners where it can be safely managed. Please note though that under our Pandemic Policy, travel will progressively decline and cease dependent on the status of the virus.

Office access

As of CoB on 26-3-2020 there will be no staff based in either of our Albany or Esperance Offices and as such the doors will be closed to the public. If you require any assets that may be held by South Coast NRM (such as binoculars, or other monitoring equipment we may be holding on your behalf), please contact me and I will arrange access for you.

All face-to-face Meetings are cancelled 

We ceased face-to-face meeting and restricted public access to our offices last week.

But projects are ongoing

Despite all the changes associated with COVID-19 we are still operating and focused on supporting our partners and our staff who are delivering activities that are still possible. We understand that some activities may be delayed because of the restrictions in place due to COVID-19 and we ask that you advise us of these as soon as you possibly can. Our discussions with our funders have been constructive so far and there seems to be a pragmatic approach to dealing with delays.


Please let us know if there is anything that we can do to help you deal with the current situation. We have a suite of policies and planning documents that I’m happy to provide if this helps. Apart from anything else, please stay safe and well.

Kind regards

Chief Executive Officer