The centre is already home to one pair of malleefowl and one lonely female (JC) who’s companion sadly passed away last year.

The centre hopes one of the new chicks will be a male mate for JC.

Just before Christmas the centre received a license from the Department of Parks and Wildlife to collect six eggs to incubate.

Volunteers Jane Campbell and Sandy Vaux collected the eggs on December 27 from Foster Road north, off Ongerup and Corackerup Nature Reserve to the south-east of the town.

Three eggs have successfully hatched, one was not viable and two more show promising signs.

The sex of the chicks will be unknown until DNA testing is carried out after six weeks.

The first two chicks were named Benedict and Maggie after the latest two babies to be born in the district and the third has been named Crackle as he came from Corackerup.

The remaining malleefowl will be banded and released back into the area from which they came with the aim of increasing the numbers of this vulnerable species.

The population of malleefowl in the bush continues to be threatened by loss of habitat and the effects of introduced predators.

For more information please contact Yongergnow chairman Ken Pech on 0427 171 904. For technical details contact the centre on 9828 2325.