South Coast NRM, in partnership with South Coast Management Group, has produced a series of practical maps guiding recreational 4WD use on our coast. Code Off-road delivers key messages regarding safe and environmentally responsible 4WD drive use in an effort to minimise the impacts that recreational 4WD use has on our valued coastal environments. Five localised versions of the guide have been produced to cover Denmark, Albany, Bremer Bay, Hopetoun and Esperance.

Code Off-road is aimed at recreational users of 4WD vehicles in an effort to reduce impacts on the coastal environment, increase safety, minimise risk to vehicles and increase awareness of responsibility for those accessing the south coast. Topics covered in the fold out visor style brochure include trip preparation, safe driving practices, 4WD tips, coastal environmental values, threats to the coastal environments from the spread of Phytophthora Dieback, being a champion camper and what is meant by ‘driving lightly’.

By being a safe and environmentally responsible 4WD user, the brochure highlights how this can reduce the impact on 4WD vehicles plus ensure the safety of drivers and other beach users.

South Coast NRM CEO Justin Bellanger said ‘for locals and tourists, Code Off-road is a practical guide that can teach us all how to be safer and responsible whilst enjoying our much loved coastline. One of the many values of the south coast is our unique ability to access some truly remote and spectacular coastal locations. Code Off-road is a gentle reminder that we all have a personally responsibility to ensure that we do this in a sustainable manner and minimise our impacts on our outstanding coastal areas.’

The maps included in Code Off-road highlight coastal access tracks, campsite locations, locality names and local amenities. The maps also highlight sensitive coastal areas, and where users need to be aware of particular factors such as wildlife or vehicle exclusion zones.

Copies of the printed brochures are currently available through retail outlets, accommodation places and tourism centres in Denmark, Albany, Bremer Bay and Hopetoun. Electronic versions of the brochure are available for download below.

This project is supported by South Coast NRM, through funding from the Australian Government’s National Landcare Programme and the support of South Coast Management Group Inc.