South Coast NRM and the City of Albany are pleased to invite you to an engaging evening with The Forever Project’s Chris Ferreira in Albany for a one-off Fire Resilience Workshop on June 7.

This special program is designed to empower communities with the vital strategies and techniques to create safer and more sustainable environments, properties and communities.

Topics covered include:

• Why WA is the great state of flames – what predisposes us to such high fire risks and why we can’t rely on ‘the cavalry’ to rescue us. How to make fire fighters’ job easier, safer and more effective.
• Fire: Friend AND Foe – exploring the uneasy relationship we have with fire and how we can develop a better relationship with it as a tool
• Principles of fire safe property design – we explore the basics of whole farm planning, Land Management Units and Sustainable Design to create a more fire safe, productive and sustainable property, the aim being to help participants appreciate the value of planning and how this can help them have more certainty to be prepared and confident to defend their homes
• Taking a community approach to fire safety
• Fire resilience principles – how we can be safer and better able to cope with the impacts of fire
• The home – design and retrofit principles to make your home more fire safe, this will explore the BAL assessments and how to interpret them, best locations for a proposed home, strategies to retrofit an existing home, brief principles of a fire safe home and the 3 zones surrounding the home. A brief look at sprinkler systems and other products suitable for fire wise retrofit and what to look for in your local hardware store. What makes a good fire wise emergency kit to have in the home. Insurance – why it is important and how to get the best value
• The garden – developing a ‘fire wise’ garden, the principles and some of the major species and garden themes. The elements of the ‘fire wise’ garden area – what should be used and what should be avoided in this area. Principles of managing fire flammable remnants close to the home. Which mulches to use and which to avoid
• The bushland – the link between weeds, fire risk and declining biodiversity. Principles of IPM weed control, mosaic burn principles for bushland, alternatives to burning to control fuel loads. Helping degraded bushland recover
• The broader farm – strategies to reduce fire risk and increase fire resilience across the farm, including fire retardant plants and how to keep them that way. The principles of a ‘Fire wise Windbreak’ and how they can effectively protect a property. The role of the ‘firebreak’ in a fire resilient home and how to maximise its value.
• After the fire – if you have had a fire, things to watch out for and things that will need to be done – erosion control, weed regrowth. Making the best of a catastrophic fire – how we can use a ‘black slate’ to redesign the farm more effectively.

We invite attendees to bring in plants they are concerned about on their property for advice on their fire risk and how to effectively manage them.

This is a free event, however places are limited and bookings are essential. Light refreshments will be available.

Email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or phone 6820 3922 to reserve your seat. For more information contact Karl Hansom on 9845 9637 or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.