Do you like relaxing on the couch with TV shows such as The Voice, Fishing Australia, The Footy Show and The Big Bang Theory? Your favourite WIN TV shows will also be delivering some important messages about Phytophthora Dieback over the next six weeks! Keep your eyes peeled for a brand new infomercial produced for Project Dieback which reminds us of how Phytophthora Dieback threatens WA’s incredible biodiversity and most importantly how we can all make a huge difference in limiting its spread.

Phytophthora Dieback is a plant disease which kills by attacking the roots of susceptible plants. It is spread via movement of soil, water and plant material and once an area is infested there is no cure. Over 40% of WA’s 5500 plant species are affected, and over 1 million hectares of bushland is already infected.

Start clean, Stay clean!

· Stick to tracks and trails

· Avoid travelling in wet soil conditions

· Ensure your vehicle, footwear and equipment is soil-free before entering new areas.

For further info on Phytophthora Dieback see