The program aims to:

  • improve the management of water resources develop reliable and sustainable water supplies
  • increase self sufficiency in water supply
  • improve the reliability, quality and management of on-property water supplies
  • provide reliable emergency water supplies for rural communities
  • increase water use efficiency.

There are five programs that the Rural Water Planning Program manages.

  • Farm Water Supply Planning Scheme
  • Farm Water Rebate Scheme
  • Community Water Supply Program
  • Pastoral Water Grants
  • Emergency Water Supplies / AA Dams

The Farm Water Rebates are provided in two parts – the Farm Water Supply Planning Scheme and the Farm Water Rebate Scheme.

The Farm Water Supply Planning Scheme (FWSPS) rebate is for up to 00 towards a farm water deficiency audit and up to 50 for the auditor call-back.

The Farm Water Rebate Scheme (FWRS) provides rebates for up to 5 000 per farming business every ten years for farmers who have had the above audit completed by a Department of Water approved auditor. The rebate is to implement water supply improvements to secure on farm water supplies for the future

To be eligible you must be:

  • a commercial farmer in a dryland agricultural district receiving less than 600mm average annual rainfall
  • registered for GST & have an ABN
  • operate as an extensive livestock or grain producer
  • more than 400ha in total – less than this will trigger a commerciality check

Farms connected to scheme water are generally not eligible unless in certain circumstance (please enquire first)

To find an auditor or to see what works is eligible for a rebate –

For more information on the rebates please call  1800 780 300 or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.