Southern Prospects

Southern Prospects, the South Coast Regional Strategy for Natural Resource Management, underpins our philosophy and operations. South Coast NRM facilitates community and stakeholder input into the development of the Strategy and it acts as custodian in its implementation and oversight.

The Strategy guides investment around an agreed vision and the specific plans, projects and actions needed to bring it to fruition. The latest review  updated  the previous 5 year strategy through consultations with all our regional communities and stakeholders invested in the future of the region. It incorporates long term aspirations as well as short term goals. It was launched on 22 November 2018 and can be downloaded here in various formats:


Southern Prospects 2019-2024 handout

Full document:

Southern Prospects 2019-2024 A4 pdf

Southern Prospects 2-page spread

Southern Prospects 2019-2024 small file size


South Coast NRM also uses Reference Groups for each of its natural resource Programs. They are made up of community members and technical expert representatives with two distinct roles. The community members consult local people in their sub-regions and local interest groups. The technical experts provide input into strategic and project planning. The reference groups meet three times a year to review and update the regional plans as part of a flexible and adaptive planning process.


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