What is NRM?

Natural resource management (NRM) is an integrated approach to caring for our natural assets.
It takes account of human activities and natural processes to make sure they are balanced and carefully managed for the best outcomes for today’s needs and for future generations, right across the South Coast region.

Our natural assets are our soils, water and air. They also include our ocean, biodiversity and our unique plants and wildlife, many of which are found nowhere else on the planet. Our living assets are impossible to replace, and the natural assets they rely on are expensive to repair – our best solution is to protect and improve what we have now.

Our communities play an important role in effective NRM. Our social and cultural assets are the individuals, communities, organisations and social networks that drive and support sustainable natural resource management and the protection of our Aboriginal cultural heritage.

The South Coast NRM region is renowned for its spectacular landscapes and magnificent coastline and is internationally recognised as being part of one of the world’s 34 biodiversity ‘hot-spots’. Careful strategically planned and appropriate on-ground activities are essential in protecting the South Coast’s future.

Much of our region’s wealth and wellbeing relies on our natural resources, and the benefits they bring through essential ecological services that enhance production and profitability. Effective management of our natural resources helps agriculture, tourism, fisheries and forestry, and other rural industries to achieve the best management practices to:-

  • adapt to changes in climate, economic and market conditions,
  • manage threats to water and ocean quality and soil health,
  • control pest animals, weeds and diseases,
  • manage fire regimes, waste and pollution and
  • protect and enhance our native vegetation and habitat for our wildlife.

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About Us

South Coast NRM promotes resilient communities by providing solutions for a healthy and productive environment across the region. These protect and improve our natural assets.  We are committed to ensuring the Region enjoys sustainable resources, unpolluted water and air, healthy soils, unspoilt coastal and marine environments in an area rich in biodiversity and cultural heritage. 

Our strategies are based on sound science, combined with long standing regional partnerships which draw on local and Aboriginal knowledge and community values.  We support a collective cultural and social vision for the region, based on achieving equity and empowerment for our communities through increased understanding of natural resource management and identifying and resolving conflicts of interest.

We are proud to be part of a national network of 56 similar organisations that covers the whole of Australia; and one of the 7 WA regional NRM groups who work together at a State level. This network leverages significant skills, knowledge and on the ground expertise that delivers maximum value and efficiency in pursuing a sustainable future in a changing world.

Looking after where we live - communities caring for their environment

The South Coast community faces many challenges in the future management of the region’s natural resources.   Through working together, history has shown that the dedicated and passionate South Coast community can achieve great things.

We do this by:

Leading by example: We are managing natural resources in balance with social and economic development.

Addressing priorities: We take a strategic approach to protecting, enhancing and sustaining our community, land, biodiversity,water, coastal and marine assets.

Innovation and sustainability: We are addressing challenges through innovation and acting sustainably in all that we do.

Working together: We are creating strong community, government and regional partnerships and working on integrated, coordinated and knowledge-based management of urban, rural and natural landscapes.