W H A T  W E  D O  



Solutions for a healthy and productive environment


South Coast NRM delivers practical, cost effective and insightful solutions to protect the environment and support a healthy productive region. We are the leading independent natural resource management organisation on the South Coast and have a long history over 27 years of achieving major successes in project delivery in collaboration with our partners.

We work with you to match our services to your specific needs to deliver a solution at a competitive price.

We can help you identify the appropriate solution, decide on the right approach for you, scope the project requirements and deliver smart and cost effective solutions.

Our staff are all experts in their fields – biodiversity, sustainable land management, water and coastal protection, marine environments and cultural heritage. Our strategies are based on sound science, innovation, expert local knowledge and proven best practice techniques.



Strategic planning

  • Conservation planning/management programs
  • Ecological and heritage assessment and management
  • Water quality and wetlands planning and management
  • Coastal restoration assessment and management
  • GIS mapping , monitoring and analysis
  • Community engagement and facilitation
  • Aboriginal cultural engagement and consultation
  • Fire regime, environmental pollution and waste management analysis and planning
  • Urban green revitalisation planning
  • Project and program management

Environmental monitoring and restoration

  • Revegetation/habitat restoration
  • Bushland management
  • Flora and fauna surveys, translocation of wildlife
  • Dieback (Phytophthora) management
  • Weed control
  • Feral animal control
  • Land for Wildlife
  • River bank and coastal erosion control

Agricultural innovation

  • Soil acidity, salinity control
  • Whole farm assessment and paddock restoration programs
  • Agricultural product and market development
  • On-farm carbon neutral/sequestration programs