Restoring Noongar Boodja

by respecting, recording, applying and sharing Noongar knowledge in NRM

Three integrated and time critical projects pioneer a forward-thinking approach to effectively managing and protecting our internationally recognised rich biodiversity and ancient landscapes. They have been developed in close consultation with the Aboriginal community and partner groups from across the South Coast.

  • Songlines and Sustainability project  is a partnership project with the Wirlomin Language and Stories Project group which documents traditional Wirlomin Songline stories, songs and dances on-country and preserves them through digital media. The project links traditional ecological knowledge with modern restorative methods of managing our natural resources.

    The project will:

    • Conduct multiple on-country trips to reconnect people, songlines and country.
    • Record Noongar oral histories and traditional ecological knowledge.
    • Develop an IP framework to ensure the protection of cultural knowledge transmission.
    • Provide traineeships for young Noongar film makers to document Songline knowledge.
    • Facilitate on-country workshops with Wirlomin Elders, natural resource management practitioners and scientists.
    • Produce short videos and a multimedia presentation.
  • Walking together project  is a collaboration with Noongar groups and families and the University of Western Australia. This project combines traditional ecological knowledge and western science to establish protocols and contemporary management techniques for the care of our natural assets.

    The project will:

    • Document and scientifically explore traditional ecological knowledge to facilitate incorporation into modern natural resource management practices.
    • Establish protocols for traditional ecological knowledge in land management activities.
    • Apply cultural heritage and biodiversity conservation principles to co-managed landscapes.
    • Provide Aboriginal traineeships in conservation land management.
    • Develop tertiary course materials and Noongar teaching opportunities from contemporary caring for country practices.
    • Host an international symposium in Albany.
  • Restoring Lake Pleasant View project  in partnership with the Albany Heritage Reference Group Aboriginal Corporation will protect and restore an Aboriginal owned property with substantial cultural heritage and biodiversity values. This project will assess the remedial environmental works that have been undertaken to date and will confirm the broader cultural, environmental and developmental management goals now possible since ownership of the Lake Pleasant View property has been secured.

    The project will:

    • Develop a property management plan, including a landscape design and infrastructure works program for vehicle access, parking, walking trails and meeting areas.
    • Undertake cultural mapping and install interpretive signage.
    • Continue conservation efforts to protect threatened fauna species, Australasian Bittern and Western Ringtail Possum.
    • Undertake flora and fauna surveys and develop pest weed and animal control measures.
    • Rehabilitate disturbed areas including targeted revegetation.
    • Develop facilities for potential educational, tourism and cultural awareness enterprises.

    Watch the video below for an update from 2021!

    Watch the video of the heritage survey undertaken at Ballogup in March 2021!

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Restoring Noongar Boodja.

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