Land & Water Management Solutions and Opportunities across the Albany Sandplain & North Stirlings Basin


Join Us! at The Albany Wetland Summit 2022 to collaborate, connect, learn, and find solutions to the many threats facing a unique landscape spanning the Albany Sandplains & North Stirlings Basin. Be a part of the collective redefining this landscape and striving towards a sustainable future! Find out more below…

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Adjunct professor from the University of Western Australia Don McFarlane has spent many years working and studying across this landscape. From his years on the ground, he has noticed the many threats this landscape faces. He says,

“It is hoped that future management of these areas will improve once a better understanding of them has been shared. The Summit also offers a means to celebrate what landholders and catchment groups have been doing to manage issues on an individual and collective basis.” 

Over three days, the Albany Wetland Summit will explore what makes this landscape so unique and the challenges the landscape faces now, and the likely challenges it will face in the future. 

We will explore how the community can work together to ensure we have thriving ecosystems, cultural spaces, and productive farmlands, in this region and beyond.

This event draws together our local communities and industry experts to address unique challenges and identify opportunities across a landscape hidden to most people yet highly valued.

South Coast NRM regional Landcare facilitator Sophie Willsher says,

The Wetland Summit will use a particular landscape as a working example to explore issues/threats facing holistic landscape management by collaborating across industries such as agriculture, conservation, development and culture.

So the Summit can be relevant to not just this landscape, but many others across the Nation.

This event is a part of the South Coast Festival of Birds & Biodiversity 2022 supported by Lotterywest Birdlife WA and Green skills.