$160,000 provided to support eight community groups

Responding to calls for greater capacity to meet communities’ needs local not-for-profit group South Coast NRM has allocated $160,000 to be shared equally among each of eight of its community partners. The funds can be used by the groups at their discretion in addressing activities that align with the goals Southern Prospects 2019-2024, the South Coast regional strategy for managing our natural resources.

Major sub-regional groups in the South Coast region are eligible which include the Gillamii Centre, Fitzgerald Biosphere Group, Oyster Harbour Catchment Group, North Stirling’s Pallinup Natural Resources, Ravensthorpe Agricultural Initiative Network, Torbay Catchment Group and the Wilson Inlet Catchment Committee. In recognising the needs of the Esperance area, and the recent cessation of the Esperance Regional Forum, funding for the area will be guided by the South Eastern Reference Group.

In announcing the initiative, Carolyn Daniel, Chair of the South Coast NRM, said that the availability of the funds for the initiative reflects the good corporate governance used by the South Coast NRM in the 2018-2019 financial year, and addresses the difficult economic environment that partner groups operate in.

Ms Daniel said that; ‘South Coast NRM has responded to the growing insecurity of funding in the sector by increasing its emphasis on efficiency. In addition to successfully delivering priority projects in 2018-19 we have tightened our belt to minimise our overheads.’ ‘Sustainability is a key value for South Coast NRM and it is a credit to our management team that we have reserve funds that can support this initiative for our community partners.’

‘In responding to the concerns they’ve raised the $160,000 will be available to nominated community groups. The remainder will be used to underwrite the working-capital for a major program, consistent with our good corporate governance and prudent financial management’ Ms Daniel said.

Fitzgerald Biosphere Chair, Damon Parker, recognised South Coast NRM’s governance and welcomed the initiative. Mr Parker said ‘Long-term sustainability is important for groups managing natural resources and we welcome any support that helps us continue to deliver programs well into the future. This $20,000 contribution will help us in the short-term to fund important activities.’

South Coast NRM will provide the funds prior to Christmas through a simple process that minimises the effort required by the groups.