Looking after where we live

Communities caring for their environment

A group of around 60 people joined the celebration for the launch of Southern Prospects 2019-2024, the South Coast Regional Strategy for Natural Resource Management.

A heart-warming Welcome to Country by Elder Lester Coyne was followed by an inspiring introduction by Professor Stephen Hopper. It reflected the enthusiasm and positive outlook in the audience to the future for NRM on the South Coast.

This is the 5th edition of Southern Prospects.  Stretching back over 22 years, it is one of the longest-standing environmental strategies in WA, if not the country.

Since then, with our valued community partners, we have delivered over $134M of activities, achieving such outcomes as revegetating an area equivalent to metropolitan Perth, reversing the salinisation of the Denmark River to drinkable levels, reversing the eutrophication of Oyster Harbour to the point where oysters can now be returned to re-create the original habitat; and by providing a veritable tool-box of solutions for farmers to help them be productive and profitable stewards of their land.

The Community is an indispensable part of both Southern Prospects and manner in which South Coast NRM operates. It is a unique partnership that is not seen at a matching scale or impact anywhere else in WA for environmental outcomes.

Southern Prospects 2019-2024 can be downloaded from our website.

We are now integrating our reference groups to better reflect the landscape scale approach to managing natural resources. We are establishing four new groups: one for Land and Water; one for Biodiversity, Coastal and Marine issues, one for Aboriginal values and a fully integrated group to address the needs in the Esperance area or South-east of the region.

There will also be a new format for the NRM Committee, which will now be conducted through forums in Albany and Esperance each year. Interested stakeholders and the general public can contribute their views on achieving the vision and the outcomes of Southern Prospects, as well as identifying new and emerging issues. The first NRM Forums will be in April. Additional information will be made available in December and advertising for the EOI process for the Reference Groups will occur soon.

The revision of Southern Prospects was funded through a grant from the Building Better Regions Fund, (administered by the Federal Department of Regional Development) and South Coast NRM.