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Water and Marine Reference Group

MAJOR achievements of the Water and Marine Reference Group, include the development of the investment plan of activities to support the delivery of goals and outcomes for the Water and Marine themes of Southern Prospects 2011 – 2016.

The group's purpose is to provide recommendations and advice to the NRM Committee, reference groups and other committees on the development, implementation and review of the water and marine theme components of the South Coast Regional Strategy for NRM by:

  • Developing activities for funding by the NRM Investment Plan compliant with the South Coast NRM Regional Strategy.
  • Assisting with the critical review and monitoring of activities funded under the water and marine theme program areas of the NRM Investment Plan. This includes conducting a regular review and evaluation of the progress and the scientific, technical and social rigor of activities delivered through the NRM Investment Plan.
  • Enabling broad community input to the water and marine theme program, through promoting community linkages, education, research, cross agency, or other relationships.

The primary objectives of the Water and Marine Reference Group are to undertake all items identified in the Purpose inclusive of but not limited to:

  • Provide technical advice and guidance to South Coast NRM in general and to provide strategic direction for the water and marine themes.
  • Members of the group assist with the development and review of water and marine theme-related projects, including component scoping documents, project reports and exception reports.
  • Provide minuted recommendations to the NRM Committee on water and marine theme direction.
  • To be a think tank and problem-solving tool for new and existing projects and foster innovation for the ongoing development of the water and marine themes.
  • Reflect community needs relating to NRM and the water and marine themes.
  • Represent the group through its chairperson on the NRM Committee.

South Coast Management Group (SCMG)

The SCMG is a regional representative body of coastal planners, managers and community delegates from the South Coast of WA -

The group is guided by Southern Shores 2009-2030 the Regional Coastal Strategy and Southern Prospects 2011-2016 the Regional Strategy for NRM.

The vision of SCMG is to bring together people, organisations and information, so the region’s communities can work in partnership to improve the quality of the coastal and marine environment, resulting in environmental, social and economic sustainability.


  • Create an environment of sustainable development.
  • Promote economic, community and environmental wellbeing in the region.
  • Foster co-operative and collaborative arrangements.
  • Protection of coastal and marine environment.
  • Involve the community in coastal and marine planning and management.
  • Consider matters of common interest to members and where practicable to establish common policy.
  • Facilitate co-operative activities of members at a regional level.
  • Identify priorities for promotion of regional initiatives.
  • Sponsor or engage in publishing educational material and research in coastal and marine initiatives.


Membership of the SCMG is made up of the chief executive officer, two councillors and two community members from the shires of Esperance, Ravensthorpe, Jerramungup, Denmark and the City of Albany.

Advice and support is provided to SCMG by:

  • South Coast NRM Inc.
  • Department of Planning (DoP) and Coastwest.
  • Department of Environment and Conservation (DEC).
  • Department of Water (DoW).
  • Department of Indigenous Affairs (DIA).
  • Department of Fisheries (DoF).

Relevant documents:

Terms of Reference


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Opening hours
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Contact details:
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Fax: (08) 9845 8538

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