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Environmental Education

Since 2008, our engaging biodiversity education program has been a highlight of the school year for participating schools within Esperance and surrounding regions.

Through program, our school age participants build an understanding and appreciation of the significance of the local environment, and consequently nurture a sense of responsibility to care for our wonderful yet vulnerable ‘backyard’ for which they are the future custodians. Our program aligns with the organisational aspiration to:

Help build healthy, resilient and sustainable communities that share a strong ‘sense of place’ and accepts a shared responsibility to provide a legacy of a healthy, natural environment for future generations.

To date, the program has been delivered using fun and hands on activities, lesson ideas and resources from a variety of other education packages, adapted to suit our local environment on the South Coast. Not only is it designed to be a fun introduction to environmental awareness, it also aims to link with the national curriculum objectives, including the cross curriculum priority of sustainability.

Below is a selection of education resources developed by the program. New content is being added to this section all the time.

For further information about anything on this page, please contact:

Caitlin Jackson, Youth Education Project Officer on (08) 9076 2204 or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


What's in your backyard?  Environmental Education Resource

What's in your backyard? Environmental Education Resource

Our region is recognised worldwide for its unique, varied and rich living ecosystems. Our backyard forms a part of Australia’s only biodiversity hotspot. This education package provides teachers with the resources to include local information into the curriculum. The resources are suitable for years K to 12.

It introduces you to some of the special local animals who call the South Coast home. Just like humans, the animals of the South Coast need access to basic requirements including:
• Suitable amounts and types of food they can find and eat to move, grow and reproduce
• Sufficient water
• Appropriate habitat to suit their specific needs
• The ability to safely move across landscapes in response to local events like fires or seasonal flooding or to impacts like broad scale plant deaths because of soil dieback or to avoid introduced predators
• Enough variety within their populations to support a vigorous genetic mix of characteristics.

In order to look after our special species, we need to be aware of what resources they use and what living conditions they need to survive, grow and breed in an ancient landscape formed from an amazing jigsaw of different soils and landforms. With this, we need to have an understanding of the threats that are impacting on the survival of some of the species and their habitats.

This package will continue to be updated over time and we encourage feedback and suggestions for improvement. If there is anything you would like to see included in future editions, please contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

Esperance Education Resources

Esperance Education Resources

The Esperance Environmental Education Program has been developed by South Coast Natural Resource Management to support an increase in the level of understanding and involvement of the Esperance community in caring for their environment, particularly schools, through teachers and students. The program has a very strong local focus which acknowledges the unique and wonderful environments of Esperance and its surrounding districts.

The development of the program is timely given the present focus on nature pedagogy throughout Western Australia, particularly at a great number of schools across the South Coast. The Esperance Environmental Education Program will provide further opportunities for teachers and students to be in the environment to:
• Build an appreciation for nature and the uniqueness of the Esperance environments,
• Increase their knowledge of nature through the various systems and how they interact,
• Get a dose of nature play with the various activities suggested,
• Increase their desire to live a more sustainable lifestyle.

Within each lesson plans there is a detailed Teacher Background Information section which provides the following information:
• A definition of the topic,
• Why the topic is important,
• Threats impacting on the topic
• The topic in an Australian and Esperance context, and
• What is being done to address the environmental issues.

You can view the Esperance Environmental Education Resource online here:

Or you can download it in parts.  





Macroinvertebrate Guide

Macroinvertebrate Guide

The Field Guide to the Aquatic Macroinvertebrates of the South Coast of Western Australia is a tool for identifying the aquatic ‘bugs’ found in wetlands within the Walpole to Esperance region. Content from this publication can be copied and shared providing it is for educational purposes only.

Wildflower Faces - Colour and Learn

Wildflower Faces - Colour and Learn

This delightful colouring book has been prepared by artist Jane Thompson.

Aimed at primary school children this book features over 90 illustrated local wildflowers of Monjebup, South of Ongerup.

For the young and young at heart!  Check it out!

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Opening hours
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Fax: (08) 9845 8538

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