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Nurturing Nature Safe Havens for Honey Possums

The SW corner of Western Australia is the only place where tiny honey possums stand a chance of surviving. They are the only marsupial to feed entirely on nectar and pollen and need a habitat rich in flowering plants to give them a year-round supply.

Please give a honey possum a safe home – your generosity will help rebuild important natural habitat for our unique honey possums and give them a safe haven to survive and thrive.

Honey Possums are tiny marsupials which live in the dense native vegetation (Kwongan heathland) found across the south coast of WA. Sadly fires, floods and unintended human impacts have ravaged parts of our Region, damaging the landscape and reducing the availability of food and shelter for native wildlife. Tiny honey possums have limited home ranges and can’t easily escape from an impending disaster.

We need your help to repair and protect their habitat and re-establish plants to give them a year-round supply of nectar to help them survive.

We are planting corridors of local flowering native plants which connect existing remnant vegetation to provide honey possums with the diverse food supply they need. Not only will it provide the perfect home for honey possums, but will give other birds and wildlife a safe shelter from feral predators and a provide a secure pathway for native species to move across the landscape as conditions change due to climate variability. It’s called Connectivity Conservation.

Many honey possums can share a home base about the size of a large house block (around 900 sqm) if there is enough food. The presence of honey possum is an indicator of healthy natural bushland.

This is how your donation will help honey possums:-

$10 will buy a food supply – a nectar producing native flowering plant local to this region.

$20 will buy a special plant - Banksia coccinea – the South Coast iconic Scarlet Banksia – one of the banksia’s regularly visited by honey possums.

$50 will buy a nectar garden - a cluster of plants which flower at different times to give the honey possum a plentiful supply of food.

$100 will provide a special dense banksia sanctuary to provide food and shelter to honey possums and birds (honey possums often curl up to sleep in disused birds nests.)

“For me it is still one of the most precious experiences of my life to discover a honey possum and spend a few moments with a very sweet and stunningly beautiful little animal. They are symbolic of one of the small mammal species that are vital and integral to the healthy functioning of the Kwongan heathland.” Sylvia Leighton, wildlife advocate and local farmer

You can help the Honey Possums - donate at the touch of a button – just click on one of the secure payment options below using credit card/Paypal.

honey possum   

$10 Tax Deductible Donation

 Honey Possum 3 2  

$50 Tax Deductible Donation

 IMG 4602 2  

$20 Tax Deductible Donation

 Honey Possum 5 2  

$100 Tax Deductible Donation

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Opening hours
Mon – Fri 9am – 3pm
Contact details:
Tel: (08) 9845 8537
Fax: (08) 9845 8538

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